How to test the Magento Extension? Why I got a VPN access?

After you signed by you will receive from the team, a BETA Partnership key to do tests of your products before to switch to the production website of

You will also receive a VPN access. You will need it ONLY for the BETA environment and to:

  • authorize your account to use the API by clicking on the "API Authorization" button in the configuration page of this extension
  • get access and simulate products sales on

Note: be aware that this BETA environment may have some issues not related to the Magento Extension as it is a test envrionment for the developer team too.

For testing the Magento Extension, you have to:

  1. Connect to the VPN. You receive the login credentials directly from
  2. Enter the Beta-Partnership-Key in the configuration Partner key and token fields for Development. Be aware that you must set the development mode to “YES”. You receive the Beta-Partnership-Key directly form
  3. Start the testing. If you are logged in with the VPN Client, you have also access to the test-environment of There you can simulate sales transactions. ( Your credentials are also valid on the test-environment. If you need another test-account (as example for buying test-articles), you can open an account by yourself, directly on the test-environment and contact to activate it.
  4.  If you are ready for the productive environment send an e-mail to will allocate you the PROD-Partnership-Key and you will have to add the information into the configuration of the Magento extension


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