Why is it slow?

Depending on your server, network or workload of your Magento installation, you may find that the job done by the extension is slow.

Some reasons or solution may found here:

  • Enable the API cache. Go to your Magento Backend, menu System > Cache Management and enable the API cache.
  • Be patient, the jobs are done regularly by a cron task. It takes several minutes (default is each 5 minutes list and stop jobs and each 15 minutes for orders jobs) before to be started if you configured it correctly.
  • Your server is not correctly configured (e.g. PHP Opcode is not enabled, MySQL is badly configured, cache is deactivated, etc), you use a share hosting or you have too many traffic or the server is overloaded for other tasks.
  • Raise the memory allocated to PHP. 512MB is recommended for Magento. Working with 256MB or less is bad idea when you have to deal with Magento.
  • The ricardo API may be slow. We provide a solution by caching some requests done to the API however any products which need to be inserted to or to get new orders need to use the API without cache. We work with to improve this part.
  • As the extension send pictures to, it may takes some time to load them when you insert articles to

Contact us to have your feedbacks of your configuration however be aware that any performance improvements that you may want from us for your Magento installation (server, DB, etc) will be charged. Feedbacks from you are however welcome as we and may work on it to improve it if needed.


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