I have an issue, how to proceed?

Try to reproduce the problem with the log enabled to help us to support you

  • Enable the log to help to discover any issue in case of problem. For that, follow the menu System > Configuration, find at the bottom, the tab "Advanced" and "Developer". Open the sub menu "Log Settings" and set to "Yes"

  • Go the configuration page, follow the menu > Configuration. You will be redirected to the ricardo section of the Magento configuration page
  • Fill in the fields for the API tokens for German and French depending if you want to publish your products in one or both languages. You have to use separate tokens for development and production. Please check with to get the correct one.
    * Set "Debug mode" to "Yes"
    * Save your configuration
    * When you are done, all requests done to the API or relevant information will be saved into the file var/log/ricento.log of your Magento installation
  • Reproduce the problem or let background process reproduce the problem by themself
  • After a period of time, send us your configuration via the menu > Configuration and click on the button "Send us your configuration", in this case an email will be sent to us or click on "Export your configuration" if you want to do a review of what is sent before you send the information manually per email
  • Submit a ticket with detailed information about your problem. Some fees may apply depending on the problem.


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