How to start quickly?

Here is a summary to configure and use the extension.

Attention: Cron of Magento must be correctly configured to make this extension works.

Configure the extension

  • Sign up on to get the API tokens
  • Configure the API token by visiting the configuration page of the extension, menu > Configuration
  • Enable the extension
  • If you have the API token for BETA, please set the option "Developer Mode" to "Yes". It will give you access to the BETA platform for tests.
  • Provide the Partnership Key and Password for German and/or French.
    The language setting will allow you to get content in the language wished but has no consequence if you want to send to the products in both languages.
    ATTENTION: you will receive two types of API Token, one for BETA and when everything is ok for your test, you will receive a PROD API Token. You have to contact for more information. The VPN Software and credentials are required to allow the API authorization process with the BETA Key and get access to the
  • You can set up other settings as you wish, notes under important fields are provided to help you
  • Save the configuration
  • Ask authorization to use the API token (a yellow banner should appear to invite you to do it) otherwise click on the button "API Authorization" to be forwarded to There you will have to enter your credentials to allow your account to be authorized.
  • Then you are done!

Quick Start Guide

  • Create a products listing (Menu > Products Listing > button "Create a new Listing")
  • Give a products listing name and select a website then submit
  • Add products to your list by using the button "Add product(s) from category" or "Add product(s)"
  • Configure the sales options and the payment and shipping rules at products listing level. You can also do the settings at product level. For that, click on the product's row in the grid to do specific changes.
    You can also use the dropdown menu to select "Configure" in the same row or use the mass action drop down menu "Configure" after having checked several product boxes to do the configuration for several products at once.
  • Click on the button "Check and List"
  • You will be redirected to the synchronization page which shows all tasks running or passed.
  • If no problem appears, products having no warning or error will be proceed to be sent to It may takes several minutes before to start. Please be patient. Do not forget to configure your Magento cron.


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