Which features are provided?

Version 1.0:

  • Synchronize and sell your products to marketplace (Magento ->
  • Create products listing to elaborate different sales options and rules
  • Configuration of the sales options and rules at products listing or products level
  • Add products to a products listing from selected categories or manually selected
  • Support of Magento product types: simple, grouped and configurable
  • Product data synchronization in French and/or German
  • Support for Swiss Franc currency
  • Pre-Check the product data and products listing configuration before to send to
  • Cleanup of listing/synchronization jobs/orders logs after a period of time automatically after 30 days or a customized period
  • Preview before to list your products
  • Create the orders passed on into your Magento shop
  • Merge orders of different articles from the same customer when he bought products in a period of 30min (Cross Selling)


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