What are the requirements?

Technical requirements

  • Ricardo API Token: please fill in the form to get one
  • Magento CE >= to 1.9.x (for EE, please contact us)
  • Minimum memory: 256MB - Recommended: 512MB
  • PHP >= 5.3.2
  • PHP Curl Library
  • Cron enabled and configured for Magento (set your cron at server level to a period of 5min to launch internal task related to the extension
    */5 * * * * php path/to/my/magento/cron.php) - Official Magento Article about cron
  • Base currency: CHF / EUR (currency conversion is supported, please read the PDF Documentation for further information)

Products requirements

  • Product types: simple, configurable and grouped
  • Title, description: if one of them is missing, please fill the fields located in the tab while you are editing your product

Please be aware

Any custom development or third parties modifying the behavior of the default functions of Magento or of this extension are not officially supported.

The extension is provided for free but the support will be charged depending on the problem or need you have. In any case, you will get a quote before we proceed.

We can provide you a package for installation and test of your products on the BETA environment of 
Please contact us for more details.


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